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Our dedicated and specialized team created Ai Chat Forest to compete for Dolby.io's Hackathon. Ai Chat Forest aims to improve both real-time audio and video communications

Net Diatom Web Development Firm Ai Chat Forrest

Aichatforest connects individuals

With individuals self-isolating at home and a disruption of in-person communication, our team built Ai Chat Forest to bring communication back to our daily lives



Meet and communicate based on our geospatial location theme

Advanced API

Uses Dolby.io Communications APIs
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Complete Code

Code repository on GitHub. Deployed on netlify
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What is the idea behind Ai Chat Forest?

Ai Chat forest is an online conversational forest where ideas and communication can grow! The pandemic caused many groups and families from having open communication and ai chat forest is a new way to engage and converse!

Innovative Technology

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ai chat forest

Perfect Intergration

Ai Chat Forrest runs on html and javascript

What users think

Before the pandemic our group of friends would get together and hang out as a group, we would make jokes and talk about what is new...aichatforest.com let us get back to those moments

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"Build The World with Dolby.io Hackathon "

This web app was created for the "Build The World with Dolby.io Hackathon", access more info on the hackathon here. This project was created by the Net Diatom team for Devpost with Jeremy D Higgs as the software developer and UI and Harnnet Harnvanich Copy and UX

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